Beeswax Pillars

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These simple + beautifully crafted candles are clean as they come + a staple in our shop + homes! Made locally using 100% pure Minnesotan beeswax! 

Slow Burn beeswax candles invite you to pause, take a break + enjoy the slow clean burn of your candle. Made from local beeswax, Slow Burn candles are all-natural (so no added pollutants into your air!) and produce a subtle, sweet, honey like fragrance. Each candle is individually handmade in St Paul, MN.

For best burn light candle for 3 hours at a time. this prevents hollowing. 


Origin: handmade in MN

Materials: 100% beeswax + organic cotton wick

Dimensions: sm 3" x 3" (30 hr burn time), md 3" x 5" (60+ hrs)